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This is my best ‘Our Day’ – Boy who wrote wishlist to mother [Video] –


The nine-year-old boy, who has become a social media sensation through an ‘Our Day’ wishlist to his mother, says he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love in support of his ‘Our Day’ quest.

According to Oswald Gennuh: “It is the best Our Day”.

His excitement comes at the back of a passionate appeal he made to his mother to fulfil some requests for the commemoration of the end of the academic term, which is termed ‘Our Day’ in Ghana.

He said that it didn’t occur to him that the letter would go viral.

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Sharing his excitement on Joy News Friday, he said watching cartoons was the source of inspiration for deciding to relay his request through a letter.

“When I watch cartoons, I see that people write letters well. I wanted to write the letter to see whether it would work,” he said.

This is my best Our Day - Boy who wrote wishlist to mother
Letter written by Oswald to mother, Mrs Rita Lena Gennuh

He said the reason he detailed his requests in the letter was he wanted to ensure that his mother did not forget to buy the items,

With regards to requesting a smaller size of either the Fanta and Sprite drinks, he said, “If I buy the big one (1-litre size) and I cannot finish it, I’ll feel bad because I’ll feel like I’ve wasted money.”

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