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Shameful family – Adom FM presenter slams Oswald’s parents over ‘Our Day’ donations

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Adom FM presenter, Miketwo has berated the parents of the overnight internet sensation, Oswald, for accepting the numerous donations made by big brands towards their son’s Our Day celebration on Friday.

While describing the gesture as a misplaced priority, the host of the ‘Entertainment Hall’ show suggested that the parents of Oswald should be ashamed of themselves for putting their son up for public ridicule.

According to Miketwo, they should have turned down the offers since they are capable of providing all the things he requested in his viral Our Day list.

Miketwo took to his Facebook to describe the family as a disgrace and shameful one for that matter as they came off like beggars at the end of the day.

He wrote: “Hypocrisy at its highest level on the of the companies donated to the young boy.

I want to know if the young boy and the family are vulnerables who cant even afford any of those items listed by the boy? “Isn’t a kind of shame to the family if they can afford such items to be ridiculed by exposing the young boy in the public?

“I will not put my child to what i describe as public ridicule to bring shame to me if i can afford buying such things for him.

“Now politicians want to conscientise this very young boy to join a party he might not think of in the near future.

“Donation is good but we must not practice misplaced priorities…”

Oswald, a 9-year-old class 3 pupil, in a letter dated July 29 petitioned his mother requesting his favourite foods and beverages to make his end of academic term a memorable one.

The note was posted on Twitter by @SmylyThe3rd which went viral and attracted sponsorship from many companies and brands.

What started as a mere son-to-mother note developed into a full-blown event as top companies expressed keen interest to ensure that the boy’s day became a memorable one for him and his colleagues.

This saw nutrition lines and beverage brands as well as educational and financial institutions coming on board to offer products and packages to Oswald.

He also received an iPad from a former education minister and musical performances from artistes such as KiDi, Dope Nation and Mr Drew.

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