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Sad scenes from funeral of Uber driver who was beheaded at Feyiase [Video]

Sad scenes from the funeral of the Bolt driver who was beheaded at Feyiase have been captured.

The funeral was held in a park in Kumasi and was officiated by Seventh Day Adventist leaders.

In some videos, a group of mourners could be seen weeping uncontrollably as they file past the covered remains of Israel Agyei Manu.

The Bolt Drivers Association at Feyiase was present to commiserate with the family of their lost colleague.

Some were seen rolling on the floor while others lay on the white coffin and cried their hearts out.

After the funeral rites, the Association’s members engaged in a car drifting competition which almost turned fatal.

The funeral was held barely two weeks after the decapacitated body of Mr Manu was found dumped on a pathway in the area.

It took few minutes for authorities to locate the severed head, together with his mobile phone nearby.

Video from funeral below:

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