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Mother of 9-year-old pupil who petitioned her on ‘Our Day’ makes shocking revelation

Mother, Rita responds to son’s our day petition
Mother, Rita responds to son’s our day petition

Rita Gennuh, mother of the nine-year-old pupil, who petitioned her on items he would want for his ‘Our Day’, has spoken.

Speaking exclusively on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Friday, Mrs Gennuh said his son’s newly found habit of writing to her on the things he wants is as a result of her constant forgetfulness of the requests her son makes.

“My son gave me the letter on Wednesday when I returned from work and because I am fond of always forgetting anything he tells me to get for him, he always wants to write them down so I don’t forget. To tell the truth, I didn’t even read the letter he gave me, I  immediately handed over the letter he gave me to his father telling him to read the ‘love letter’ his son has written to us,” she said.

Oswald, the nine-year-old pupil in question, gave a list of the items he would want his mother to get him on ‘Our Day’.

A shot of the list posted on Twitter generated admiration from Ghanaians.

Oswald, after penciling down all the items which included packs of biscuits, bottles of drinks and his Ipad, reminded his mother saying: “It’s my day on Friday so please don’t disappoint me. Otherwise, you will ruin my day and if I don’t celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again.”


The items aptly detailed by the nine-year-old – with the aid of diagrams – included biscuits, drinks and a communication of a said waiver by his teacher to allow him to use his iPad device in class, just for the occasion.

Several brands have offered to make the ‘Our Day’ a memorable one for the boy.

Mrs Gennuh, who sounded very surprised at the development, said her phone has not stopped ringing.

“People are calling me and sending donations to buy whatever is on the list. He is smart and when he wants something he is very specific, though a bit shy. But I know he is a talkative,” she said.

Asked how the petition landed on Twitter, she said: “I was at the office on Thursday discussing the letter my son had written to me with my friend and so she immediately took a photo and posted it on Twitter and that’s how it went viral.”

Mrs Gennuh said even media houses and educational institutions have all expressed readiness to play their part in giving the kid a memorable ‘Our Day’.

“I spoke with the school that this is what is happening, so the authorities are in a management meeting because we are not in normal times, so we are waiting to see the outcome of the meeting because so many companies and people from all walks of life have promised to support his dream,” she added.

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