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Ladies here are 5 magical ways to find ‘Mr Right’ at your next wedding party

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Who says you can’t find your Mr Right at your next wedding invite?

If you have been attending weddings where you see a prospective boyfriend but you don’t know how to hitch one, this article is for you.

After all, the mood at every wedding party is already festive, music is playing, there is plenty of food and drinks and most people are friendly.

There are some things you can do at a wedding that would help you score a potential ‘bae’ before you leave.

  • Steal everyone’s attention with your outfit

When you get the invite to the wedding, get the best designers to make your dress. It’s important to look your best to get the attention you need. Make sure you pick a dress style that hugs your curves and highlights your best features. You want to make sure that you turn heads at this wedding.

Ever heard the saying, ‘happy girls are prettiest’? This statement is so true. Ensure you wear a smile, it attracts people to you. You’ll push people away if you frown all through the party.

Do not be caught keeping to yourself at a wedding party. If there is a guy you find attractive, strike up a conversation with him, you would be surprised at the outcome. You might be wondering why you should be the one to start the conversation.

If there is a guy you find attractive, strike up a conversation with him. You would be surprised at the outcome. This is because some guys are actually shy and with how beautiful you will be looking, he might not want to talk to you and have you ignore him.

  • Tell someone to introduce you

If you came with a friend that’s familiar with people at the wedding, tell the person to introduce. Don’t dull yourself. Chances are if you are not at the same table as him, he may not see you. Also doing this would save you the stress of finding out if he is a playboy or not. If your friend loves you, they will tell you whether it is a good idea or not.

  • ‘Pepper dem’ with your dance steps

If you’re a talented dancer, you have another way to get attention. Get on the dance floor and do know your thing in style. Even if you think you can’t dance, go out on the dance floor and move your body. Happiness makes you a better dancer.

Also, some guys are more confident to come up to you on the dance floor, dance with you and then you get to exchange details. They might not want to come and toast you where all your friends are.

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