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Federation to Defend the Rights of Children launched [Video]

An association, the Federation to Defend the Rights of Children, has been launched in Ghana to protect the rights of homeless children who are ushered into orphanage homes.

According to Commander Dr Kelvin Morgan, an international security consultant, they are recruiting young children from the streets by putting them into orphanages to be well catered for.

He explained that the Federation has also adopted a large number of legal cases for children in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

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Additionally, the Union has equally provided relief aid in various countries, including Palestine, Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Africa, Palestine, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania.

“We are clearing children from the streets for orphanage for better life. Cars knock some of them down and they are the same people when they don’t get help grow up to become armed robbers.

“We’d teach them to learn trade and have access to education. They don’t depend on the state with our efforts. We are not educating people to become just readers,” he said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Dr Tirim Tadoro for Defense of the Right of a Child in Nigeria, urged the government to pay mind to the youth.

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“We need government to empower women… when the woman is empowered it covers the society.

“Application of knowledge is superpower… if you have your degree and not translating it into something then you will be frustrated and that is the biggest problem we have in Africa,” she said.

Sarah Muni, a human rights activist, said the Federation to Defend the Rights of Children is apt to take care of children who have no place to call home so they can have a sense of belongingness.

“Our children’s rights are not protected. No one is taking care of children on the street… We want children to have a place to belong and they will know their rights,” she said.

The Federation to Defend the Rights of Children has more than 40 ambassadors around the world.

Watch Video below:

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