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These relationship tips are for men who are dealing with women who are always asking for money for one thing or the other.

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what you need to do to avoid splurging your money on her and also at the same time keeping her interested in the relationship, remember that Giving Out Money is a Financial Decision, not an Emotional Decision.

It means you should never allow your emotions or how you think you love that lady or woman to be the driving force behind your financial decisions. When you go bankrupt, you will then realize love is emotion, money is finance.

Caveat: These tips are not meant to make you insensitive to the troubles of your woman neither is it meant to teach you how to become a stingy guy.

Five Ways To Refuse Giving Her Money:

1, Do Not Reveal Your Financial Status: How Much You Make & What You Have

Many men are quick to boast and establish themselves to women as someone capable of buying anything money can afford. You may be right, you have the bucks.

But you are making a big mistake by revealing to this lady how much you make, the money you have in your bank account and the fancy possessions you own. Why will you do that? You don’t need to show off.

If this lady does not have her money or pride, she will constantly ask you for money because you have revealed to her fully that you have money. So from the beginning of the relationship, don’t be quick to reveal your finances.

2, Suggest Alternative Ways For Her To Make Money

If you find yourself with a lady who is constantly asking you for money, you should consider suggesting to her alternative ways of making money. Perhaps, she is broke, unemployed and ready to work.

If you can set her up or help her find a job, it will go a long way to stop her from asking you for money on the regular since she also has a means of income.

What if she is not ready to work or do anything that brings in money? Well, why are you still in a relationship with her? Clearly, she is a lazy woman.

3, Anytime She Asks For Money Tell Her “You Need Time To Think About It”

Actually, you don’t owe her. You don’t need to be compelled by her urgency to give her money when you are not ready.

Always tell her to give you 24 hours to think about it. This time should allow you to contemplate the possibility of giving her that money or not. If she’s impatient, chances are she is just ready to milk you.

Come back after 24 hours and allow her to understand that you are not in the position to help her. You don’t have to feel bad about how she feels about it. It’s your money, man.

4, It Shouldn’t Always Be Money; Offer Help In Different Ways

You should find different ways of helping her. For instance, you can give her a ride to a place she might need money for fare to cut cost.

You don’t need to be insensitive to her problems but it also does not mean you need money to solve every issue. Sometimes, she may just need you to visit her at home and sit by her. Offering emotional support can be priceless and help her in very dire situations.

So, the next time she asks for money, don’t snub her. Quickly think of other ways of helping her without you having to give her direct cash.

5, Have A Budget

What does having a budget in a relationship mean? Well, you need to have a budget to guide you on how much you can spend on her as far as your relationship is concerned.

For instance, if she requests you to take her shopping, you should have a budget of how much you are ready to spend. Let her know how much you have and why she needs to buy things that do not exceed the budget.

Every month, you can set aside some money for her and try as much as possible NOT to spend more than you have budgeted.

6, Be In A Relationship With A Wise Woman

Wisdom is priceless and if you have a woman who is wise and concerned about your finances, you will not have to bother about how much you need to spend on her.

This should not turn you into a miser or stingy guy. No! But when you have a lady who works, makes her money and is concerned about the relationship more than what she could make from it, you are on the sure path to success.

Finding a wise woman should also teach you to focus on her and move away from chasing other women. Chasing more than one woman will certainly have a toll on your wallet and you will go broke long before realizing it.

The majority of these tips were provided by Jessica Opare Saforo on her Youtube channel.

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